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That's not my job...

Have you ever applied to a job based on the job description and got exactly what you signed up for?Neither have I. Often times, job descriptions are written to attract the talent and don't always reflect the most challenging aspects of the everyday work. Most roles change and often expand according to the needs of the organization, so be aware of this when searching for a new gig. Although things may not match exactly what you are looking for, it may not always be a negative thing. When you are in a role or assigned to a project that wasn't exactly what you signed up for, try to keep these things in mind to keep you going...

1. Be Flexible

There will always be changes according to the needs of the organization so it is imperative to remain flexible and open to learn new things and take on additional responsibilities. As you gain more experience in different areas, you are now exposed to new people and skills, which ultimately helps build your resume and overall network.

2. Be Patient

Nobody wants to be the full time employee that does the "intern/grunt" work. I get it... You have your degree and want all the responsibility and challenges that come with your role, but sometimes you need to earn the trust of your management before moving forward. Your boss is probably feeling you out to make sure it is a good fit and that you are ready for the challenge. Just give it a little time, learn all you can, and you will get the visibility you deserve.

3. Keep Learning

Everything will be a learning opportunity if you allow it to be. Although the job is terrible (in your eyes) I guarantee you can transfer some of the skills you have learned into another role. Is this helping your leadership skills? Project management? Time management? There are always a few transferrable skills that you can take with you along the way. Let that be your focus to keep you going.

I'll leave you with this: In everything you do, remain positive and always look for the learning opportunities that are present. Make the most of every situation and continue to challenge yourself to be the best you can be in ANY and EVERY area... even if "it's not your job".

...Now if things do not seem to be getting better or there is not a light at the end of the tunnel it is time to communicate and create a plan for change. If your organization supports you, it should be created in alignment with the company objectives... If your organization does not, it will be your escape plan because you should never settle for unhappiness.

Good luck!

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