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Professional Development

 Our Approach to Professional Development: Educate to Empower

We understand there is a steep learning curve and social culture shock when acclimating from a college campus to Corporate America.
We are here to empower our audience and flatten the curve by providing tangible and practical tools and resources that can be implemented right away to increase confidence and overall workforce readiness.

Our signature framework and facilitation style is unique and driven by passion and personal experience.
We focus on 4 pillars:

CLARITY, CLOSET, COMMUNICATION, and CONNECTION, which are the building blocks to establishing a strong professional brand that aligns with the individual and their career goals.

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Corporate Workshops 

Critique Consulting conducts a variety of seminars related to professional development, building your brand and dressing for success in the workplace. Interested in bringing CC to your establishment? Contact our office today to get started!

We have a passion for college students and early career professionals who are eager to thrive, but need additional coaching and resources to build confidence and master the soft skills necessary to establish a strong professional brand.

Public speaking, networking, and corporate wardrobe styling are all challenges we face in our professional careers, but it does not have to be the barrier to succeed or getting to the next level.

The foundation of our workshops align with the ABCDs of Image Consulting:

  • Appearance

  • Behavior

  • Communication

  • Digital Footprint

We pride ourselves in curating content that is interactive and relevant with today's workforce environment and culture.  Let us bring our expertise to your campus to equip your student body for the next phase of their lives.

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